AI Co-pilot for Financial Advisors 

Secure AI for Advisory firms to
Automate Advisor Workflows

Meet Zeplyn's Meeting Co-pilot

  • A recording-free and compliant solution to automate all manual workflows from fact-finding to client reviews
  • Real-time AI notes for virtual and in-person meetings
  • Streamlined CRM with auto-captured client data
  • One-click follow-up email and task creation
  • Smart client recaps for efficient meeting planning
<1 min
Note-taking time
Increase in client facetime
Notes logged in CRM

Why Zeplyn.AI?

At Zeplyn, we offer a suite of Generative AI powered products tailor-made to optimize the nuanced workflows of advisory firms, including RIAs, Broker Dealers, and Private Wealth Banks.

Increase Advisor Capacity & Reduce Admin Costs

Zeplyn reduces admin burden on Advisors by automating time-consuming manual meeting workflows and admin tasks such as preparing agendas, logging call notes in CRM, delegating tasks, and client follow-ups, saving Advisors 10-12 hours/week, enabling them to meet more prospects, and service existing clients better.

Drive Client Engagement & Strengthen Relationships

Zeplyn’s meeting intelligence technology automatically synthesizes structured notes and action items from client meetings, whether they are virtual or in-person. Advisors focus on relationship building while Zeplyn ensures that no client detail is ever missed. With Zeplyn’s post-meeting workflow automation, Advisors can reduce the client follow-up time from days to minutes.

Grow Your Business with Advisor Enablement

Zeplyn’s LLM-based technology aggregates your internal client data spread across multiple sources into a comprehensive Advisor Knowledge Base. Advisors learn best practices from thousands of past client conversations to engage with their prospects and clients more effectively and deliver high-quality advice at scale.

Uncover Strategic Insights & Track KPIs

Zeplyn’s revenue insights dashboard gives managers and execs visibility into prospect and client interactions across their teams.  Uncover conversational insights and trends, track your KPIs, understand your referral rates and conversions better, and coach your advisory teams.

Meet our Founders

As former Google engineers with 25+ years of combined experience in software development and expertise in building AI products for Google Search, Assistant, and Speech-to-text applications, we understand what it takes to build enterprise-grade AI serving billions of users. We are now bringing that expertise to revolutionize relationship-driven financial services.

Era Jain

Co-Founder & CEO

Era is a Harvard Business School alum with a decade of experience in software development and machine learning. At Google, she built Natural Language Processing technology for Google Search at scale, and she co-founded the Conversational AI for cooking on Google Home.


Co-Founder & CTO

Divam brings a decade of experience in leading engineering organizations. With a deep understanding of speech recognition, human-aided AI assistants, misinformation detection, and privacy tech, he drives innovation in Zeplyn’s products and solutions.