Data Privacy and Security

Protecting Your Data, Our Priority

At, we pledge to do the right thing for you, your data, and your clients. We understand the immense trust you place in us when you use our AI Copilot. We prioritize the safeguarding of your data above all else. Our commitment is to ensure that your information remains confidential, secure, and inviolable.

As software engineers with decades of experience handling sensitive user data, we know how do it right.

 Advanced Security Standards trusted by Financial Institutions

End-to-End Encryption: Your data is encrypted from the moment you input it until it reaches our servers, in transit and at rest, ensuring no interception is possible.

SOC2 Compliant Infrastructure: Zeplyn is built on SOC2 compliant services and infrastructure (AWS, OpenAI) and uses advanced 256-bit encryption, TLS1.3,  multi-factor authentication, SSO, and data minimization, the same standard employed by leading banks and financial institutions.

Data Ownership & Privacy

Your Data Belongs to You: We don’t sell or trade your data. It’s used solely for enhancing your experience and ensuring our AI tool serves you efficiently.

Data Minimization: If you decide to discontinue using our services, we will remove all your proprietary or sensitive data from our systems.

AI Ethics and Training Data

Anonymization: Our AI is trained on vast datasets that are aggregated, anonymized, with all personally identifiable information removed.

Bias Mitigation: We continually refine our algorithms to remove potential for bias and are proactively working to create equitable outcomes for all.

Humans in control: Our AI tools will never cut you out of critical decision making, they are here to take away the busywork instead.

Stay Informed & Take Control

Transparent Policies: We believe in 100% transparency. Our comprehensive privacy policy and terms of service are designed to keep you informed about how we use your data.

Personalized Security Settings: Tailor your security settings to meet your needs, including customized data retention policies, 2-factor authentication, data sharing preferences, SSO and more.